The Happiest Place on Earth

work in progress


‘Finland was named the world’s happiest country by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network in April, based on polling results from 156 nations. And a second survey found that Kauniainen’s 9,600 residents were the most satisfied in Finland, leading the local mayor, Christoffer Masar, to joke that theirs was the happiest town on earth.’  – Patrick Kingsley, The New York Times, 


Kauniainen is a small town and a municipality of 9,559 inhabitants in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Finland. It is surrounded by the City of Espoo, in Greater Helsinki.


‘The three meanings of meaning in life: Coherence, Purpose, Significance.’  – Frank Martela, PhD Researcher, Aalto University


‘There is no such thing as a meaningless thought or action. Everything we have ever seen, heard, thought or felt is encoded in the gray membranes of our neocortex. What we focus our attention on becomes part of our consciousness and our reality; what becomes our reality, becomes our life.’  – Emilia Lahti


‘I actually hate the word happiness, that is so overused it has become meaningless. It is an unworkable term for science, or for any practical goal such as education, therapy, public policy, or just changing your personal life.’  -  Martin Seligman, Founder of Positive Psychology.


‘After all, what is happiness? The term’s ambiguity — especially in a country where a common proverb is “if someone smiles at you on the street, they are either crazy, drunk or a foreigner” — does invite a healthy, deadpan scepticism. And then there is the fact that happiness is viewed as a commonplace, even boring ambition. “All happy families are alike,” said Leo Tolstoy at the outset of Anna Karenina, and gave birth to the cliché which concluded with the implication that we are only interesting in our respective miseries.’  -  The Indian Express, Sunday, March 10, 2019