Reservoirs are ‘artificial bodies’ of water: steep sided storage lakes with a dammed end. Psychologically they represent dammed feelings: emotions either safely contained or repressed. Being man-made they embody the eerie. As physical entities they are places of juxtaposition: the stillness of the water contrasted with the sharp rise of land; boulders strewn along the edges; the surreal wall of the dam: one side banking a placid lake the other dropping into a ravine below; the deep turquoise of water suggesting hidden depths.

Reservoir: from réservoir – a storehouse




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About Barry Falk

I am a lens based artist photographing 'Incidental Urban Spaces' - the tucked away and neglected parts of the city. My work highlights an aspect of the urban environment which is either not willingly acknowledged (the pissed in corners) or generally not paid attention to (a launderette, hospital stairwell). These peripheral views and chance encounters effectively convey the visual intrigue and evocativeness of ordinary spaces. They demonstrate how seeming emptiness can be evocative, can have edginess and character. The images do not aim to describe nor explain the spaces captured but to suggest certain psychological states of mind: sealed rooms and absent spaces are suffused with a disturbed sense of self, something familiar which has become alienated through the process of repression.These are the overlooked details of a city: architectural features which appear to serve no function nor subscribe to any aesthetic criteria, yet when photographed in a certain light and from a particular angle, become resonant with association.